"This summer I planned to read a book with Robert, work on his multiplication facts, and help him learn cursive writing. Robert amazed me by reading the novel I purchased him with no difficulty. He even wanted to move faster and finish the book by the end of the day. My plan was it would take all summer and I slowed him down. But by the end of the week he read the book out loud to me. So I purchased him another which he read even more quickly. He was able to go through and learn and write the cursive letters in two days. He would have done it the first day if I had realized he was capable of doing it. Robert's attention span, his ability to focus, and do written work has improved dramatically. I can only attribute that to the instruction at Haugland. Robert was never able to sit still long enough to complete any work before."

--Robert Markham

Club Viking Registration Now Open!

Haugland Learning Center's Club Viking is an after school and weekend activities center which focuses on the unique needs of children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. Typical children are also welcome and family members may participate in certain activities and events as well. The club features swim lessons, classes, activities, open play, and more. The goal of the club is to provide a safe, special-needs friendly environment where children can have fun while improving social skills, play skills, and developing their hobbies and interests.

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