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Respite/Waiver Programs in Columbus

Respite waiver programs in Columbus.
Haugland Consulting is an agency waiver provider.

Respite/Waiver Programs in Columbus Overview

Haugland Consulting, sister company of Haugland Learning Center, offers respite programs Columbus and waiver programs Columbus (and surrounding areas) for children and adults.

Haugland Consulting is an agency waiver provider (contract #2532432) for the following services:

  •   Individual Options Waiver Homemaker/Personal Care
  •   Level One Waiver Homemaker/Personal Care
  •   Individual Options Waiver Community Respite
  •   Level One Waiver Community Respite
Respite waiver programs in Columbus.
Haugland Consulting provides respite and waiver Programs in Columbus.

About Waivers

Haugland Consulting’s waiver programs Columbus accepts the Medicaid Individual Options waiver and Level 1 waiver, which allow individuals with disabilities to receive support in their homes and/or in the community.

Recipients must qualify by requiring a certain level of care and meeting certain financial criteria. Haugland Consulting provides respite programs in Columbus/waiver Programs in Columbus for individuals who are recipients of the I/O or Level 1 waivers.

Waivers are administered by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities with local support performed by County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, such as the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  

Respite waiver programs in Columbus.
Filling out proper documentation is just one of many services provided by Haugland Consulting.


Services provided under a Medicaid Waiver, such as respite programs Columbus and waiver programs Columbus, must follow the recipient’s Individual Service Plan (“ISP”), which is developed by a social worker at the individual’s county board.

Waiver programs help with medications

Haugland Consulting provides ISP services in accordance with the rules and guidelines set by several state agencies. Examples are: filling out proper documentation, providing training for employees, etc.

Waiver programs household services. Haugland Consulting specializes in providing Homemaker Personal Care services and Community Respite services as part of its respite programs Columbus/waiver Programs Columbus. Homemaker Personal Care can include: assistance with basic personal care, help with medications, household services, light cleaning of the home, meal preparation, etc.

Waiver programs meal preparation.These services are provided by a Haugland Consulting employee that comes to the recipient’s home on a regular basis. These employees complete many levels of background checks and receive training in first aid/CPR, individual rights, etc.  

Step 1, Meet with your service coordinator.
Filling out proper documentation is just one of many services provided by Haugland Consulting.

3 Process For Beginning Services


Meeting with your Service Coordinator is your first step in establishing a respite or waiver program in Columbus.

If your loved one with a disability does not yet have a waiver, contact your local county board for assistance, but please be aware that there can be a long wait for waiver awards in certain counties.

Tell your Service Coordinator what types of services you would like for your loved one to receive and find out what services can be approved and funded.

Step 2, Approve the plan and contact us.
Have your service coordinator contact us.


Once your service coordinator has approved a general plan, have them contact us at 614-602-6482.

We have relationships with many service coordinators in Central Ohio, so they will likely know about our services.

We will then work with them to establish what services we can provide and how.

Step 3, Attend a meeting.
Attend a meeting.


We will then schedule a meeting with you and the service coordinator to refine the plan and complete the proper paperwork.

Step 2, Approve the plan and contact us.

Your Service Coordinator will then submit the proper documentation to the appropriate authorities and we will begin setting up the program.